Arrive 30 minutes prior to ice time for warm up and equipment.

All able-bodied skaters and adults are asked to help with mat placement (15 minutes prior to ice) and put away after practice. If you require equipment assistance and can not be there 30 minutes prior to ice, contact Coach Barb at 216-401-9392.


One day a week in July.  We will continue dry land on Tuesdays and Thursday’s. On the two July Thursdays that we have ice, we will conduct a post-ice dry land until 8:30. Please come prepared to stay. Bring plenty of water and a post-workout snack.
Endurance and low, slow technique is the goal for summer ice.
Thursday July 18   6:00-7:15 pm (dry land will follow until 8:30)
Thursday July 25   6:00-7:15 pm (dry land will follow until 8:30)
Punch card and walk-on fees apply. Please stop at the cash register to sign in and allow time for the cashier to handle the transaction.

3 Responses to “ Ice Schedule – July ”

  1. Mike pirwitz says:

    Can I get put on your email list to notify when h have practices
    Mike pirwitz
    Columbus speed skating

  2. barb says:

    Mike — My apologies. I did not receive this email. Are you still speedskating?

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